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Building the UK’s

‘Specialist Merchant’

brand for the trade

Following a wide-ranging review of its plumbing, heating and cooling operations, Wolseley announced a £100m plan to transform the way it serves its customers.

Building the brand from the inside out, we helped define and shape a new unifying customer promise, positioning and identity – designed to help its customers achieve more.

The brand has been rolled out across Wolseley’s 500 UK branches, final mile fleet of 250 vehicles, 4,000 branch staff in new uniform and its eCommerce platform.

Think like Fred

The desire to achieve more is in the DNA of the Wolseley brand. Founder Fred Wolseley found success in helping sheep farmers shear more wool more efficiently with his innovative steam-powered clippers. Today, Wolseley continues to think like Fred, dedicated to helping its customers achieve more.

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A new name above the door

Although some of its customers might have already been familiar with the Wolseley name, the new brand needed to work hard to be instantly recognisable and memorable. We developed a new bold and confident logo with a prominent W symbol.

To signify its comprehensive range of products, we developed a set of category icons that represent the plumbing, heating, cooling, drainage, pipe and parts offers.

Making the most of red

Red is a colour that has always been associated with Wolseley. But for a brand that is confident, dynamic and warm, we increased the prominence of red within the brand expression.

It helps customers immediately recognise Wolseley as a confident and responsive brand that they can do business with.

On the road

With more than 250 vehicles on UK roads, Wolseley’s fleet is one of the most powerful ways to bring the brand to a wider audience. So, we designed a bold livery for its final mile delivery fleet.

Wearing the ‘W’ with pride

For practical reasons we specified a charcoal grey for colleague workwear, but we added a prominent red W symbol. And, to accompany a name badge, we had a range of enamel pins made to represent each category of plumbing, heating, cooling, drainage, pipe and parts – making it easier for trade customers to connect with their local Wolseley branch specialists.

Counter intuitive

When it came to branch interiors, the temptation was to use large quantities of red. Instead we decided to use it as a ‘hot colour’ to help identify key branch functions such as main entrances, the speedy collection counter and the info point – all to help the customer find their way around intuitively with minimal signage.

The virtual branch

To unveil and promote the new branch exterior and interior, we developed an immersive VR training tool to help Wolseley colleagues get to know their new branch format.

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The ultimate guide

Wolseley provides customers with a comprehensive annual catalogue of the entire stock range. We renamed this invaluable resource The Guide and gave it a prominent red cover to help it become one of the first places a customer would check for a product.

We also revised the Guide’s partner publication, the bi-monthly Deals newspaper, to bring it into line with the new brand.

Behind the scenes

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