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Brewed to perfection

It’s thirsty work producing corporate communications for Britain’s oldest brewer. With a new brand to show off, we make sure Shepherd Neame’s annual report goes beyond communicating strategy and also showcases the brewery’s stunning locations and delicious Kentish beers.

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of a client’s business is not always a difficult or arduous task.

Shepherd Neame Brewery

Content presentation

Shepherd Neame has some beautiful properties in some wonderful locations – such backdrops allow their people to sparkle throughout their corporate literature.

Report and Accounts

Brand implementation

The report was the first external document to show-off the refreshed brand.


All other key elements of the report are enhanced by the new brand. The business strategy is clearly defined for shareholders. The strategy should define the vision of the business. It’s concisely set out from the start and reflected throughout the report.

Some of our work