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Inspiring a
movement of
disability equality.

In 2017, Scope set out an ambitious new strategy to work towards the UK being a country in which disabled people and their families enjoy equality and fairness.

The Team’s brief was to create a new brand to deliver the new corporate strategy and build better understanding, with a focus on achieving brand clarity.

A new brand and visual identity with accessibility at its heart.

Accessible from the start

We wanted to prove that accessible design can still have a distinctive personality. So, we kick-started the design process by holding a workshop with people with different forms of disability. This broke common myths such as Arial is the most accessible typeface and black and white the most accessible colour pairing.


Communicating with type

The new corporate font, Hargreaves, has been specially designed to maximise legibility and readability. It has multiple accessibility design features. It’s easy to read. It has a larger letter height and generous spacing between each letter. There’s no ambiguity between letters and numerals.

Inspiring a movement

The new logo embodies Scope’s ambition to inspire a movement to end disability inequality and achieve everyday equality for every disabled person.

Simple and ownable

The simplicity of the line-drawn illustrations filled with the brand colours helps them to be easily understandable and ownable.

Communicating with clarity

The holding shapes, borne out of the lettershapes, are an integral part of the visual identity. They form the backbone for our layouts, providing flexibility and versatility. Their primary function is to hold copy, ensuring messages are always legible and readable.

Working with The Team on our brand overhaul has been a huge success for Scope and a pleasure in the process too. Their quick understanding of our unique brand challenges was impressive from the offset. The commitment and talent across all teams (brand strategy, creative, account management) is felt at all stages of a project and delivers results. Thanks to The Team we have a truly game changing brand for our sector.

Danielle WoottonHead of Brand and Marketing, Scope

Behind the scenes