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Come fly with us

Each presentation pack that we’ve produced for Royal Mail – from the launch of the Mary Rose and Titanic to British space exploration to TV’s cult Goon Show – is a work of meticulous subject and picture research. We’ve also earned the privilege of designing stamps too, and in 2016 we saw our commemorative Battle of Britain stamps ‘fly’ through letterboxes.

Our editorial and research team combine with our designers to offer a complete service for Royal Mail.

Sticking to a task

We have produced a variety of informative and educational packs for Royal Mail, but getting to see your product on millions of letters and packages is something quite different.

In depth knowledge

From interviewing a rear admiral to sifting through archive material – we left no stone un-turned when creating the presentation pack for the building of the Mary Rose.

To go boldly…

Yes, we know a split infinitive from a Star Trek! Our editorial team is diligent, resourceful and experienced.

Some of our work