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Following the financial crisis in 2007, all major banks are required by law to separate everyday banking services from investment banking services – this separation is called ring-fencing.

Our brief was to develop a multi-platform application for a major financial services organisation to educate, engage and reassure their staff, and collect data on audience understanding of ring-fencing.

Using entertainment as a hook, we turned to gamification as a means to engage and educate employees.

The client wanted at least 1,000 game completions overall. The actual results were more than 5,729 game starts, with over 3,887 game completions.

Exploring the ring-fencing galaxy

We drew upon storytelling, pace, suspense, urgency and reward techniques, knowing that the solution had to have a compelling reason for colleagues to participate, beyond education itself.

The game asked the employees 16 critical questions on ring-fencing. Correct answers ranged from 23% understanding which legal entities are inside the ring-fence to 90% awareness of when ring-fencing comes into effect.

Helping Ringo return to the planet ‘Robos’

We developed a likeable character – Ringo – with a mission to return home to the planet ‘Robos’. Ringo allowed gamers to learn about ring-fencing whilst collecting his ‘missing’ belongings along the way. The end result, a personalised Ringo character to share online.

Ring-fencing financial services

Engaging employees through simple challenges

Launched on the client’s intranet as a news story and with an impactful colourful banner, the game was cascaded to colleagues through internal channels including the daily round-up email and team huddles. Digital signage in offices and social posts on internal channels promoted the game to business areas.

We facilitated the sharing of personalised Ringo characters via social channels and email so that colleagues encouraged peers to play the game.

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