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NS&I becomes a more valued companion

NS&I has always had a purpose of helping ordinary people with safe, secure and simple saving.

We refreshed the brand, created a new tone of voice, designed an intuitive website and brought ERNIE up-to-date to embrace digital channels; Making sure they maintain the personal touch their customers know and love.

The new website successfully handled close to 11 million visits in the first three months of 2015.

NS&I Brochure
NS&I Brochure
NS&I Advert

Refreshing the brand

We repositioned the brand around three new personality traits – refreshing, intuitive and premium, and made sure the visual identity reflected them.

Starting conversations

To help NS&I connect with their customers on a more personal level, we developed a more informal conversational tone of voice called ‘front desk’.

NS and I homepage

An intuitive website

We started from scratch designing and developing a mobile-first responsive site that is both a refreshing read and easier to use for NS&I’s digital novices.

NS&I Tablet

Redefining ERNIE

Because ERNIE was always seen through a haze of nostalgia, we wanted to bring him bang up-to-date with a stunning movie explaining the ingenious science behind the prize draw.
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NS&I Ernie Paint Video

A proud heritage

NS&I goes back over 150 years and their sense of history runs deep. They are proud of where they’ve come from. And it influences the direction they are heading.
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Nsandi films

Our aim was to create a refreshed brand that made dealing with NS&I a beautifully simple and intuitive experience across all channels.

Behind the scenes

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Totally random: Helping launch NS&I’s Facebook page

This week we helped launch NS&I’s new Facebook page. And taking pride of place is a movie we made to help explain how ERNIE works.

NSI Behind the scenes
NSI Behind the scenes
NSI Behind the scenes

Some of our work