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Making the invisible, visible, for NATS with a new brand identity

We helped NATS define a powerful new unifying purpose, ‘Advancing aviation, keeping the skies safe’. We then embarked on building a comprehensive brand identity that visually expresses that purpose clearly, coherently and confidently.

NATS are a global leader in air traffic control. They plot the invisible paths that keep the skies safe. We were engaged to bring what they do and who they are to life… in a world where the scope of aviation is expanding and becoming increasingly complex.

A powerful new visual identity for NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, handling 2.4 million flights and 250 million passengers in UK airspace.

Skyways photography

Long-exposure photography makes the invisible, visible, revealing the highways in the sky

NATS logo NATS skyways logo

The Flightmark

Representing movement, fluidity and unity, the Flightmark logo is a precisely crafted reflection of what NATS do

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NATS flightpath graphic

One brand identity

A unique and distinct brand presence for NATS

NATS rebrand report NATS tablet NATS reports NATS leaflet NATS

Internal brand launch

Desk drop launch invitations revealing a glimpse of the refreshed brand

NATS car logo
NATS T-shirt

It’s important for a brand to stay up to date and it was time to review ours to ensure it both mapped to our strategy and to ensure it represented us correctly.

Jonathan PalkHead of Marketing Communications and Brand, NATS

Behind the scenes

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NATS logo development
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Photographer Joel James Devlin lights up the highways in the skies for NATS brand refresh

“I shuffled out of a little hatch, on my own, on to a control tower balcony. Then the door shut behind me. I have a healthy respect for heights; keeping my mind […]


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