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A fresh website to tell stories and increase donations for a global charity.

This an area of design we are very passionate about. Working together to produce a website that can quickly communicate the organisation’s message and give supporters strong reasons to invest and easier ways to do so is so important for us professionally.

Educating girls is the most powerful and effective way to reduce global poverty.

Educating boys alone won’t change the world for the better

Mona Foundation provides funding to educational initiatives worldwide which emphasise increased opportunity for women, girls and service to the community.

Mona Foundation Conference

Driving support

The team set about designing a website that could attract and educate supporters, telling the right stories and ensuring that the different ways to give are made easy.

Mona Website screenshots

Every project is a story

We put a lot of thought on the structure of the project pages to best tell the story of the community, and nudge people towards making a donation. Chunking up the content in scannable form, we told two stories side by side, talking to both the rational and the emotional minds. On one side of the page we told the human story of how the project was founded and the real-life stories of lives that have been transformed by the project. On the other, statistics about how many students have been funded, and hard facts about future goals that have still to be funded. It is then we ask the user to think about donating, and helping Mona meet these goals.

Mona Website wireframes

Creating emotional bonds

For the user experience of Mona, we consulted the latest behavioural insights into charitable giving, in order to ensure a smooth and frictionless process that would result in optimal donation amounts. But we didn’t want to make this just a transaction, we wanted to help forge a long-lasting bond between the donor and the community they were helping and build on the hands-on relationship Mona have with the girls they help. Adhering to the principles of the “peak-end-rule”, at the end of the donation process we showed a short thank you video from the actual community or communities that the donor helped fund.

Mona Website device screenshots

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The charity’s goal is to eliminate global poverty and support community-led transformation such that no child ever goes to bed hungry, is lost to preventable diseases, or is deprived of the gift of education for lack of resources.

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Mona Foundation represents local initiatives that are built through the sustained labour and blood and tears of hundreds of committed people intent on improving the lives of their communities.  We are their ‘voice’ here, and as such we have an obligation to deliver their message of hope and service with integrity. Our new brand allows us to tell their stories more clearly and effectively.

Mahnaz Aflatooni Javid President of the Mona Foundation

Behind the scenes

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The Team creates refreshed identity and website design for education charity the Mona Foundation

For the last 16 years, the Mona Foundation has provided funding to educational initiatives worldwide which emphasise increased opportunity for women, girls and service to the community.

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