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Creating a brand

with extraordinary


After holding out for what must be considered as an honourably long time, ISISIS medical indemnity insurance brokers took the bold decision to let go of their heritage and legacy and look forward towards a new brand name and identity – to help stand out from the competition.

We worked together to create a distinct and meaningful new name, followed by a striking and refreshing visual identity. And so, Incision was born.

It was clear that Incision (ISISIS) was already standing apart from the competition through its products and service – we needed to ensure we reflected this unique offering through its visual identity, tone of voice and positioning.

Refreshing the brand

We repositioned the brand around the essence of professional expertise with a personal touch:

Incision provides a sharp, refreshing and intelligent approach to medical indemnity insurance. Built by specialists for specialists, with skill and insight.

A new era of modernity

Our development of a new colour palette and supporting graphic system, along with the identification of a contemporary and precise font, has moved the organisation forward into a new era of modernity and clarity.

A point on TOV

To supplement the striking new visual identity, we developed tone of voice guidelines to help ensure Incision would confidently communicate who they are as an organisation. We wanted to make sure clients clearly understood the level of expertise offered by Incision in the field of medical indemnity insurance, as well as show how they offer something different to their competitors.

Making it digital

The Team’s digital experts then worked to redesign the ISISIS website in line with the new brand and to ensure a smoother and easier user experience. Now live, this has completed the redevelopment of an enduring brand into a modern, refreshing brand, focused as always on delivering for its customers.

It was a pleasure working with The Team whose creative thinking enabled our successful rebrand. The Team helped us to explore our rebranding options and worked with us to develop our chosen strategy through to implementation. Thank you.

Natasha WatsonSenior Vice President, Paragon

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