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Introducing employees to Heathrow T2 and T5

BAA, now known as Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited, tasked The Team with introducing and inducting staff to the redeveloped T5 and T2 terminals in 2008 and 2014 respectively.

We engaged and communicated with all employees and stakeholders to help prepare them for the launch of the new terminals and devised creative techniques in which we introduced them to the new space – motivating a workforce to deliver on the promise and purpose of the airport brand.

Preparing Heathrow T2 and T5 employees and stakeholders for the launch of the redeveloped terminals.

Inducting staff to the new T5

BAA’s Airline Moves was the most complex airline relocation programme ever undertaken. The opening of Heathrow Terminal 5 in 2008 triggered a large-scale programme in which over 50 of Heathrow’s 90 airlines moved terminals over a 21-month period. We were asked to develop an Airline Moves internal communications programme to support this process.

The campaign consisted of a wide range of printed and online collateral which helped employees of Heathrow and the airlines understand the changes and convey the correct information to passengers.

Introducing staff to the new T5

Prior to the opening of T5, we devised a facilitated tour for all staff that would take in the key areas of T5 and provide employees with an informative and engaging experience of the new terminal.

We created an immersive welcome room in which life-sized projections of the respective CEOs of BAA and BA, the proprietors of Terminal 5, delivered a welcome message.

Creating an engaging guided tour of T5

From there, staff were taken on a guided tour of the terminal. Six ‘pitstops’, identified by large magenta numbers, were created at key areas in the terminal. At each pitstop employees engaged with various experiences, from guided audio sound soundscapes of a bustling T5, to an animated story of the journey of an item of baggage.

The tour was undertaken by over 1,000 employees of BAA and Terminal 5 retailers and completed in under three months.

Creating a memorable experience to recruit security staff for T5

In order to recruit 600 security staff from existing Heathrow terminals to the new T5, we devised the concept of an immersive ‘white room’ onto which a myriad of images, videos and messages announced ‘Join T5’. Security staff were fed popcorn and given a T5 boarding card that said, ‘Are you in?’.

By the end of the campaign, 90% of those who attended had indicated that they would like to be considered for positions at T5.

Introducing staff to the redeveloped T2

Opened in 2014, the new Terminal 2 was a £2.5 billion investment. We were asked to engage and communicate with all employees and stakeholders to help prepare them for the launch of the new terminal.

We devised a facilitated tour that would take in the key areas of T2, to get employees excited and feeling proud about the new terminal, and to reassure stakeholders that it will be ready on time.

Familiarising staff with the new T2 through an app

We developed an iPad application to help training facilitators brief all 25,000 members of staff on the new terminal. The content included facts and figures, a fly-through video and a feedback survey.

The design of the application was intuitive and simple. Impressive CGI images were used to engage and excite staff. On top of these images, hotspots, with brief overviews, were integrated to allow users to explore the terminal further.

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