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G4S customer experience centre - Interactive data-driven digital tools

We worked with G4S to design and deliver a multi-screen, interactive system to demonstrate G4S’ dynamic, data-driven, security solutions. The centrepiece of their new experience centre, The Bunker, was built to help determine the needs of high-value prospects and demonstrate G4S’ security expertise across a range of industry sectors and scenarios, and the fluid nature of security asset deployment in the 21st century.

The entire security solution experience centre was devised and built in six weeks

The Bunker

The Bunker environment is divided into four areas aimed at walking the visitor from high-level concepts down to concrete solutions. Working closely with the interior designers to design and brand the space, we built four sections of the secure solutions experience; the welcome zone, the diagnostics zone, the solution creation zone and a space to showcase the latest security gadgets.

G4S Bunker Statitics

The welcome zone

This is where prospective clients are welcomed to The Bunker. We created an ambient film to showcase G4S’ security solutions capabilities which is then followed by a welcome message from the CEO.
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The diagnostics zone

This is where the user can select a relevant business sector from a 3D cityscape to demonstrate G4S’ expertise in this area, and to enable discussion of specific needs. The multi-screen experience consists of a cityscape on a 4K screen, which is controlled on an iPad by a member of the sales team.

G4S Cityscape





Dynamic Security

The system allows the user to select a sector and a scenario – such as managing security at a stadium event – and by adjusting a few preferences they can see in real time the different security solutions required to keep a building or area secure. The user can also add notes from the discussions with the client for further discussions in the next area.

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G4S Interactive zone 2
G4S Power station
G4S Office scenario
G4S Stadium
G4S Bunker Airport model

Solution creation zone

Here, data gathered in the diagnostics area is shown on the screen alongside the notes taken by the demonstrator and will be used as a basis for deeper conversation about specifics. Once the appropriate security solution has been agreed everything is packaged as a data-rich PDF and sent to both the client and demonstrator.

G4S Bunker Zone 2

The rapid nature and unique premise of the project led us to develop a bespoke set of tools for information capture and requirements gathering. The tight timescales also meant we had to be creative about the technology we used and the overall aesthetic, but we savoured this challenge.

Jamie Stantonian
Senior UX Architect

Behind the scenes

Channel 4 intranet planning
G4S Risk profile
G4S Risk profile
G4S Behind the scenes

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