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Showing Crimestoppers’ caring side, with a new brand purpose and identity

Crimestoppers believe everybody has the right to feel safe from crime, wherever they live. Their purpose is to give people the power to speak up to stop crime, 100% anonymously.

Founded by Lord Ashcroft in 1988, Crimestoppers was established so that people could provide information about crime anonymously, without fear of retribution.

Crimestoppers is a heritage brand that has been delivering a vital service for many years, but is also an independent charity in need of support, which is why a rebrand was so essential.

Community Champion

The previous design system was deemed ‘austere’, with black as its dominant colour. Research with key audiences established a new brand strategy, including the personality of a ‘community champion’, brought to life by four values. Community contains the values of ‘we care’ and ‘we’re inclusive’. Champion suggests being ‘trustworthy’ and ‘determined’.

Clear Infographics

Crimestoppers engages with diverse audiences, so brand communications need clarity and consistency. An illustration style was created for when photography isn’t appropriate. The illustration style uses simple geometric shapes with rounded corners to soften the look and feel.

Speak Up, Stop Crime

The flexible design system is inspired by road signs and built around 45-degree angles. The logotype, based on the typeface Montserrat, is used predominantly in friendlier lower case. A full stop shows Crimestoppers’ resolve, complementing key messaging and a tone of voice, made up of short, punchy, sentences: “We won’t ask your name. Won’t judge. No courts.”

Adding human emotion and empathy

Crimestoppers’ new brand identity tells stories through photography featuring people in everyday environments. This fly-on-the-wall style, crops out the faces of ‘Stoppers’ for anonymity, and is integrated with imagery that is suggestive of a crime. A forensic style has been carefully chosen to provoke intrigue, not fear. For ‘Supporters’, the photography shows the brand’s empathetic ‘community’ side: people in everyday situations, safe from crime, wherever they live.

A brighter, more optimistic feel

The red has been retained to reflect Crimestoppers’ heritage, and a complementary purple means the palette avoids using black or ‘police’ blue. Secondary colours of teal and mustard create a more vibrant and energetic feel.

Internal brand introduction video courtesy of Tomfoolery Ltd.

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We have worked hard with The Team to refresh our brand and are delighted with the results. We have done this in a way that we feel will make more people call us with information about crimes in their community or their workplace. Additionally, the refreshed brand provides the right platform to better engage supporters both in the public and commercial arenas. While we work closely with the police we are an independent charity and need to ensure the public knows that.

Mark HallasChief Executive of Crimestoppers

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