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Making virtual
a reality

Retailers are always on the lookout for new ways to revitalise their in-store experience and to grab the attention of shoppers. Today, this is increasingly achieved using new and exciting technologies.

Using UX and technology to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping

Style me please

Introducing the StyleMe™ virtual mirror; an interactive shopping experience that allows customers to browse a curated collection from John Lewis’ website and create a complete outfit. The virtual changing room means shoppers can see how they look in a new outfit without getting undressed, and to quickly experiment with different garments and accessories.

Cisco Style Me Interface

It’s all about the experience

Before StyleMe™ was ready for the John Lewis shop floor, we overhauled the entire user experience and user interface design to make the system intuitive and user friendly.

Cisco Style Me Wireframes

I like to move it

Shoppers interact with the StyleMe™ mirror through a range of gestures, which are recognised by a motion-sensing camera. This new form of interaction meant the experience needed to be carefully engineered to help customers engage with the mirror with confidence and ease.

Cisco Style Me Journey
Cisco Style Me Demo

Understanding the way people think, what they expect to happen and what they understand on the screen can make or break the successful trialling of transformational technology.

Clive GrinyerDirector of IBSG Customer Experience, Cisco

Behind the scenes

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StyleMe virtual mirror reflects importance of user-centred design

I tried on my first dress when Cisco showed us their StyleMe virtual mirror at prototype stage. The StyleMe experience had been conceptualised by Cisco and implemented by developers.

Cisco Style Me Sketch
Cisco Style Me Kiosk demo
Cisco Style Me Wireframe
Cisco Style Me Kiosk

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