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Making waves for a brand that helps clients transform their digital world

Avanade’s vision is to be the leading digital innovator, realising results for clients and their customers through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem. In 2016, Avanade commissioned a Creative Lab to review their brand. As a result, we developed a new brand personality and visual identity that has transformation at its heart.

Avanade had grown to 30,000 employees globally since the year 2000, but realised that its positioning in the marketplace had fallen behind in its ambitious vision to be the leading digital innovator.

The logo

The new Avanade logo represents the waves of change that are sweeping the marketplace. It also captures how they help clients navigate these waves to transform their digital world.
The dynamic flex and flux of the symbol expresses how they create change, inspire action and realise results, celebrating the bold approach, fresh thinking, passion for tech and infectious optimism of their people. Everything that makes them the best choice for leading digital innovation.

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Waves of transformation

We created a graphic identity that features an energy wave pattern based on a universal behaviour of cause and effect. Avanade is the cause, transforming businesses through the innovative use of technology. The result is the effect. It’s how they create change, inspire action and realise results.

The Team partnered with us to design the new brand identity and help us define a new brand positioning to pursue in the marketplace. It was their Team Lab sprint processes that enabled us to tell a compelling story and build a robust case for change. They were insightful partners and very much on our side as we sought to bring other people with us on the journey.

Stella GouletChief Marketing Officer, Avanade

Visual identity

We developed a distinct graphic energy wave pattern to reflect the brand personality traits of Optimistic, Fresh, Bold and Passionate.


The new logo was an opportunity to reset the Avanade brand and begin to unify the look and feel of their communications.

Behind the scenes

Some of our work