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Video & Motion

Effective video and animation communication for brands and employees

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Words alone aren’t the best way to communicate. At times words can be inefficient in delivering your message and can hinder what you are trying to say.

Immersive storytelling via video production, presented with creativity and passion, has become a driving force in delivering brand messages and communications. Video grabs attention and stirs emotion in a way that words cannot.

If an image is worth a thousand words  – a video will increase that tenfold.


The importance of video production

Video gets your message across faster to your audience –  that’s a fact!

With 50% of our brain involved in visual processing, people are able to retain 95% of what they have seen days later after watching a video as opposed to 10% of what was said.

So, with 65% of the population being visual learners, it makes sense to produce a video to explain your business, market your latest campaign and engage your employees on your brand values.


Brands engaging in video production

Brands are engaging audiences with video, animation and sound like never before to cut through the noise and stand out from the competition, taking you closer to the audiences that matter. Logos are no longer passive –  flat and lifeless on a page – but move in a three-dimensional space with sound.

Video is 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read. Social media posts including video are boosting views by 48% and increasing engagement by 65%. Search engines are more responsive to videos than text and more digital banners are displayed in video format as it results with the user engaging more extensively with the brand content. These facts result in the business case for video being clearer than ever before. Quite simply, video works.

Our video production capabilities


  • 3D animation video
  • Digital marketing video
  • 360 video and animation
View case study

We helped BP establish new values and behaviours across the business. Using animation we shared employee stories and supported them through environmental branding and promoted BP values in engaging ways. Find out more about the campaign here

BP Values Video Play video

Employee Communications : BP : Organisations Values

A sample of a BP internal communication animation establishing values and behaviours to 80,000 employees worldwide

View case study

The Team created a series of videos and an intranet design that used plasticine assets to promote a new way of working for a worldwide pharmaceutical company. It was aimed at brand managers across the globe, so needed an engaging, user friendly creative approach. Find out more about our Internal Communications work here.

Pharma Stop Motion Video Play video

Employee Engagement : Pharmaceutical : Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion employee engagement for a global pharmaceutical company

How we can help

From shorts for social media, video explainers, promos, 3D, 2D, stop motion, motion graphics and advertising to worldwide corporate communication campaigns, we produce a bespoke, powerful and engaging video for your brand – inside and out.

We’ve produced videos for happy clients around the world like:

ASOS, Avanade, BP, British Gas, Canonical, Capita, Centrica, Cisco, EDF, G4S, Gas Safe, GE, GSK, HSBC, Industry Trust, Marks and Spencer, National Grid, Nest, NS&I, Ofgem, RBS, Scope, Thames Water, UKTI, Vodafone, Williams and Glyn and many more.

We create award-winning videos, animation, infographics and films that inform, inspire and delight, driving behavioural change amongst your employees and customers.

It’s time to talk to your audience through the power of motion and sound.

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