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Organisational Values Agency

Organisational values are the bedrock of your firm

Organisational values should be the galvanising bedrock of your organisation, but too often they end up being bland and forgettable.


At The Team we have helped many organisations define their values and have a range of activities and approaches that inform our work with our clients. We have also developed various tools to help line managers bring out their teams’ thoughts on values.We believe that encouraging managers to have these conversations with employees can be productive and is exactly the sort of activity that can help create high-performing teams.

We believe you should always start with employees not just a few senior stakeholders, taking time at the beginning of a project to find out what they believe the organisation stands for, and what it should stand for. Time spent on crowdsourcing thoughts and opinions on values, means that we’ve already started the employee communications and engagement process centred on values.

We believe that with the right approach to creating values that speak to employees explicitly, by tapping into their own personal fundamental beliefs and motivations, you will be in the best position to drive the organisation’s mission forward.

How we can help

We offer the following to help you define your values:

  • Advice and counsel
  • Qualitative research – interviews and focus groups
  • Values workshop design and facilitation
  • Communications strategy and development

Some of our work

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