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Employee Value

Proposition Agency

Attract and retain the key talented people

A clearly defined employee value proposition (EVP) will help your organisation attract and retain the key talented people it needs through offering a good “deal” and an employee experience that underpins the core culture.


What is an Employee Value Proposition?

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) communicates the mutual offers made by the organisation and your people. It covers the value and benefits – both operational and psychological – that employees can expect. At the same time, it also encapsulates the value and contribution they are asked to bring to the organisation in return. The deal must be fair to each side. It must leave the employee feeling that they are gaining more from your organisation than they would anywhere else; and that their own contribution will be appreciated, valued, and make the company more prosperous.

Employee value propositions usually work in tandem with the organisation’s strategy, helping the organisation to create a deal that will bring the organisational mission and strategy to life through your people.

With deep insight from our discover phase, we will design an EVP that encourages outcomes including employee motivation and satisfaction as well as commitment to stay. It will also encourage employee advocacy, namely, the promotion of your organisation by its staff members.

Alignment between the EVP and your employer brand [link to page] is essential to the delivery of your promise, providing a clear thread between values, messaging, behaviour and action.

How we can help

Using our four-step process of discover, define, design and deliver we offer the following to help shape your EVP:

  • Advice and counsel
  • Qualitative research – interviews and focus groups
  • Activity and workshop design and facilitation
  • Communications strategy and development
  • Intranet and microsite design
  • Creative and design
  • Video and motion

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