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Employee Experience Agency

Cultivating a positive
employee experience

The employee experience gets to the heart of “what it feels like to work here”. And, that’s key because the quality of that experience can help create advocates and enthusiasts among your people.


There are three elements to employee experience:

  • Employee perceptions – across time and in aggregate.
  • Environmental factors – the working environment such as workplace design, employee refreshment/rest areas, the technology available to assist employees and the cultural factors, such as whether the organisation encourages employee involvement, the effectiveness of line managers, and clear career paths.
  • The “living brand” – the interplay between employee engagement and the customer experience. The thinking here is that engaged employees means that customers get a great experience.

In our work with organisations, we’re often asked to look at particular parts of the employee experience, for example trust in leaders, or helping to translate the brand into employee behaviours designed to create a better working environment.

We also look at workplace design, taking time to establish what employees need from their space and mirroring the brand in the design.

Often, we will look at the overall experience through the lens of touchpoints across the whole employee lifecycle from onboarding through to career and performance management and the exit process and alumni.

Wherever you’ve identified your employee experience is falling short, we can help target improvements and interventions to improve it.

How we can help

Using our four-step process of discover, define, design and deliver we offer the following:

  • Advice and counsel
  • Qualitative research – interviews and focus groups
  • Activity and workshop design and facilitation
  • Communications strategy and development
  • Evidence-based practice from organisational science: employee profiling, organisational networks/influencers, change management

Some of our work

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