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Employee Engagement

We think people want to do a great job at work, so we create employer brands and great internal communication to help create the conditions for that to happen

Your people are your organisation’s strongest asset. They are the experts, innovators and facilitators that can keep your strategy alive and relevant. They’re also potential brand advocates who can influence customer loyalty and industry perception. But this will only happen if your employees are engaged in the organisation and their work.


Research suggests that engaged employees are crucial to organisational success. Businesses with high employee engagement have twice the annual net profit and 2.5 times greater revenue growth than organisations with fewer engaged employees.They also have 40% less employee turnover.

How do you engage with your employees, enabling them to add untapped value?

Working with you, we’ll explore ways for you to connect and engage your people with your brand and strategy, ways that focus on their strengths and motivate them to solve problems and innovate effectively. It’s a process and approach that’s good both for the success of the organisation and the well-being of your people.

So, if your employee engagement survey is showing areas to improve on, you want to transform your organisation for future success, or you want to create a culture where your people will thrive, get in touch.

How we can help

Using our four-step process of discover, define, design and deliver we offer the following:

  • Advice and counsel
  • Qualitative research – interviews and focus groups
  • Activity and workshop design and facilitation
  • Communications strategy and development
  • Evidence-based practice from organisational science: employee profiling, organisational networks/influencers, change management
  • Scripting, e.g. videos, speeches
  • Intranet and microsite design
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Creative and design
  • Video and motion
  • Events, digital and face-to-face

The Team quickly helped us identify the best way to bring values to life.

Clair FosterHead of Employee Communications, M&S

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