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Employee Communications Agency

Putting the employee at the
heart of the initiative

Organisations often struggle with the sheer amount of communications aimed at employees. Email overload leads to stress, and employee engagement with the intranet is rarely as high as desired. Meanwhile, not all managers are able to effectively  prioritise time spent cascading information. All these things limit employees’ ability to get involved.


Knowing what to turn off and what to keep, who should be able to issue comms and how segmentation can work effectively are all vital. And then there’s the quality of the communication itself – sometimes the intended audience is forgotten, or a different method of communication would have worked better. Mass group emails can be ignored, especially if there is too many of them.

At The Team we work with you to find better ways to imagine employee communications, putting the employee at the heart of the initiative. We will encourage you to create quality communications, rather than quantity, and to be selective so that messages are correctly targeted. It does not always have to be digital. Rediscover interactive staff meetings and reward systems. We have an audit process in place that examines channels, messaging, employee voice and more. Using this we can help you reconstruct a communications strategy that will be designed to naturally engage employees.

We’ll also look at ways to improve your communications strategy with the aim of increasing employee involvement – whether by supporting your people to become “citizen journalists” collecting real “on-the-ground stories”, or influencers in their own right. A business may ask employees to actively promote the organisation, often through social media, as an element of their jobs. However, the most compelling employee advocacy consists of freely-offered communications on the part of the workforce.

We’ll also provide advice on the best ways to use digital tools and platforms to ensure employees’ voices are heard as the organisation transforms for the future.

How we can help

Using our four-step process of discover, define, design and deliver we offer the following:

  • Communications strategy and development
  • Internal/employee communications audit
  • Advice and counsel
  • Qualitative research – interviews and focus groups
  • Evidence-based practice from organisational science: employee profiling, organisational networks/influencers, change management
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Creative and design
  • Video and motion
  • Events, digital and face-to-face

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