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Customer Experience Agency

Finding value in brand interactions

Customers interact with your brand and its products/services at numerous touchpoints. Their perception of these interactions determines the customer experience and can set your brand apart from competitors and drive business growth.


What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the perception someone has of your brand, as they are interacting with it. It is the real-time interactions they have with your brand along the sales cycle. It is not the broad picture, but a snapshot at any given time. Together those touchpoints add up to a great brand experience, but customer experience is about details.

The interaction between a brand and a customer doesn’t begin and end with a sale. Interactions happen when consumers browse your website to find out more about your product/service; when they interact with chatbots; when they visit your store; chat to your employees, and call your call centre. Customers want these interactions to feel the same and be connected.

When customers interact with you on social media, buy your product/service and finally use it – not to mention the after-sale support – all the marketing and experiences have to feel joined-up. These touchpoints are occasions where consumers are forming perceptions of your brand to determine the overall customer experience.

It is important that every customer has positive experiences with a brand along their customer journey in order to increase brand equity. The Pareto principle states that 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from 20% of your current customer base. Thus, more brands are aiming for continuous engagement with their consumers, creating successful customer experiences to build brand trust and loyalty to ensure business growth.

How we can help

We help our clients with all aspects of the customer journey by ensuring that it is designed to anticipate the problems, needs and solutions of your consumers at every step. With 60% of consumers willing to pay more for a better experience, why not create a strong customer experience that acts as a differentiator for your brand and a driver for business growth?   

We have created customer experiences for Gas Safe Register by making gas safety memorable and relevant for audiences; English Heritage where we helped them achieve a lasting online presence by consolidating 438 sites into one beautifully effective experience; and NS&I where we put a re-energised and relevant brand at the heart of the business and took it across all channels to deliver the best possible experience to their staff and customers.

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