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Brand Proposition Agency

Setting your brand apart from your competitors

You believe you are the best, but what sets you apart from your competitors? What is it that consumers get from you that they do not get from others? What benefits can they receive from buying your brand over another? Your purpose tells us what you stand for, and your brand proposition describes the unique features of what you offer.


What is a brand proposition?

It is not a slogan. It is not your purpose. It is a statement that defines what a brand promises to deliver to a consumer – addressing their current and future needs, even their subconscious hopes.

It clearly describes the functional and emotional benefits a brand offers. It is how you can differentiate yourself from competitors and is the primary tool that will help customers understand why they should buy from you.

Expressed creatively, it can in seconds completely transform the way consumers see you, and even the way you see yourselves. Your first customers are your employees; if they buy into your proposition, you will have a re-energised workforce who will transmit this enthusiasm to your consumers.

How we create your brand proposition

A good brand proposition is one which is simple, concise, easily understood, avoids jargon and sales slang, and communicates the benefits of your brand and how it differentiates itself from competitors. You believe there is no-one like you; we leave consumers believing this too.

We have created brand propositions for Rightmove, Microsoft, Wolseley, NATS and NS&I. Each one has helped our clients organise the marketing that lines up behind their products and services.

We help you craft your brand proposition by focusing on what makes your brand unique. We research exactly who your consumers are and what it is you are offering them; we research your competition and what they are offering consumers; and finally, how your offering is unique enough to entice a consumer to buy from you.

We work with you, taking your story and using our expertise to craft in a few words something to get you noticed and breathe new life into what you are offering. By establishing what sets your brand apart from your competition we help ensure that it forms a unique place in the mind of your consumers.

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