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Brand Naming Agency

Conquering the most challenging step in the brand identity process

Effective brand naming is essential in every industry to enable your brand to stand out from the competition.


What is brand naming?

Brand naming is the most challenging step in the brand identity process. It requires a systematic approach of research, testing and creativity.

A good brand name can help a brand stand out from the crowd. As well as it being a differentiator, it conveys meaning and builds awareness of your brand.

A brand name sets the stage for the future of the brand and emotionally connects a brand to consumers.

We have created brand names for public and private sector clients; from fire and gas safety brands (Gatwick and Fire Kills, and Gas Safe) to insurance and technology brands (Incision and Avanade). We have named products and offers for customers (Capita Pay 360) and for employees (Centrica and British Gas). The art of naming extends to HR services as much as it does to customer offers.

How we create your brand name

There are many types of names, from experiential names like Amazon, descriptors like Toys R Us and portmanteau names like Pinterest. Understanding the types of names helps us work up options for clients to consider.

Are you creating a new brand or undergoing a rebrand and need to establish a new name? We will work with you to assess your competitors and their brand names; look for trends; create names and go through a rigorous process of testing and shortlisting until we establish a name that best represents your brand and paves the way for success.

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