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Creating effective and memorable brand experiences for

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Your brand is made up of a collection of experiences encountered by consumers over months, years and decades. These experiences work to evoke emotions and build closer relationships between your brand and consumers.


What is brand experience?

A brand experience is all the interactions a consumer has with your product/service and business. It’s a 360-degree experience of your brand. It is everything a consumer knows about your brand – what they have heard, seen, tried, tested and tasted.

The customer journey doesn’t begin and end with a sale. Today, consumers are aware of everything else going on around the sale and a brand needs to aim for continuous engagement with consumers to ensure that it keeps building trust and goodwill. Consumers are interacting with brands post-sale via apps, social media, email communications, events, sponsorship and customer care.

All the interactions a consumer has with your brand across those touchpoints has to be influenced by a clear brand purpose and strategy.

Effective and memorable brand experiences are designed to create valuable interactions between a consumer and a brand. Regardless of the channel or environment, a successful brand experience immerses a consumer in a brand’s ethos and works to create emotions.

Creating these memorable brand moments is what sets a brand apart from its competitors.

How we can help

The perception a consumer has of your brand is the most valuable aspect of any brand – it is what keeps them coming back. We aim for continuity of experience, so that the consumer will not want to go anywhere else.

We create brand experiences on the inside and outside, for employees and customers. A successful experience is authentic and meaningful. It doesn’t feel forced; it feels natural and it invites people to join in. We use insights to fuel creative design to evoke emotional responses in consumers when they interact with your brand.

We have created brand experiences for Christian Aid, 3M, British Gas and Centrica, for NS&I and SouthWest Airlines. Our office takeover for ‘Post-It Notes’ broadened awareness of their product range with creative agencies across London, and for RBS we’ve seen over 50% of their employees voluntarily participate in online events with us. 

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