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Brand Architecture Agency

Logically and strategically structure the brands within your organisation

Many organisations have a growing portfolio of sub-brands as a result of continued growth of products and services over time or mergers and acquisitions. It’s a mark of success, but too often, organisations find that the management of the brand identities leads to inconsistency and ends up confusing consumers in relation to what an organisation actually offers and promises.


What is brand architecture?

Brand architecture is the logical and strategic structure of a set of brand identities within your organisation. It is a system which organises a portfolio of brands in a way that audiences are able to understand the products and services offered in a family of brands.

A well-established brand architecture enables the successful development of new brands, brand extensions and sub-brands. It aids in decision-making, the smooth running of an organisation, the leveraging of brand equity and serves as a guide for brand identity development.

How we structure your brand architecture

Regardless of your company size, businesses are able to reap the improvements in performance by reviewing and better organising their offerings in a logical and intuitive structure on a regular basis.

We work with you to create or improve your brand structure to achieve:

  • Clarification of your brands, their positioning and propositions
  • Segmented messaging for each relevant target audience
  • Cost-effective marketing and promotion
  • Continued product/service growth and investment from stakeholders
  • Enhanced customer awareness of all brands under a master brand
  • Growth of your brand equity

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