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How personality tests can cut through the noise and give your employees something to talk about

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Do you know how your employees think?

What are the 12 questions that unlock the secrets to how your employees think? We have developed a tool with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre that gives your employees valuable insight into themselves and their unique personality traits.

And it gives you a vital understanding of the employees you have in your organisation and where their natural strengths lie. How could you make the most of this insight to better understand your strengths as an organisation? What would this mean for how you upskill your people in customer service, how you overcome barriers to adoption of health and safety regulations, and how it could help you find the communication style that will help your different people embrace change?

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RBS Determined to make a difference

RBS – Determined to make a difference

Harnessing the many faces of determination within RBS

RBS Determination Profiler

How psychometrics super-charged RBS employee engagement with a new rallying call.

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Nothing is more fascinating than ourselves

When it comes to employee engagement, it is a simple human truth that faced with a briefing about corporate strategy, or a business restructure the first question most people will have is […]