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How personality tests can cut through the noise and give your employees something to talk about

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What’s your Team personality?

Do you think you’re more of an Intelligent Crafter or an Energetic Champion? Take our 12-question Team personality test to find out. We developed the test with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, so although it’s not rocket science, it is science.

High-performing teams are best constructed from a balance of personality types. And, if you want to know how to communicate with your people, then it is always good to know more about how they think and behave. Our tools deliver that data as well as providing employees with a fun exercise that increases self-awareness.

We are using this tool to explore customer service, brand advocacy and readiness for change. How would you like to put it to good use?

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RBS Determined to make a difference

RBS – Determined to make a difference

Harnessing the many faces of determination within RBS

RBS Determination Profiler

How psychometrics super-charged RBS employee engagement with a new rallying call.

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