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How personality tests can cut through the noise and give

your employees something to talk about

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Supercharge employee engagement with bespoke psychometrics.

Between a box-fresh, board-approved strategy and a fully engaged frontline, there is a mountain to climb. How do you make your strategy relevant and meaningful to every one of your employees? How do you help your employees understand their role and see their contribution within your strategy? How do you support employees to shift their behaviours to deliver differentiating experiences?

For these challenges we have found that bespoke psychometric profilers are successful engagement techniques. Personal insight is compelling: “Tell me more about me”. Personal insight given in context helps employees understand their role within the organisation’s strategic direction and supports behavioural change.

Do you know how your employees think?

What are the 12 questions that unlock the secrets to how your employees think? We have developed a tool with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre that gives your employees valuable insight into themselves and their unique personality traits.

And it gives you a vital understanding of the employees you have in your organisation and where their natural strengths lie. How could you make the most of this insight to better understand your strengths as an organisation? What would this mean for how you upskill your people in customer service, how you overcome barriers to adoption of health and safety regulations, and how it could help you find the communication style that will help your different people embrace change?

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User entering data on The Team profiler

Our process

We will want context and understanding. How you want to use a bespoke psychometric profiler, and why? What role will a profiler play in your employee experience? What is the measure of success? What are you trying to shift? Once we understand that, we can work with you to develop the profiler. There are different psychometric approaches we can use, it depends on the challenge, and what you want to achieve.

Then we get out the big guns: we call our collaborators at the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. They work with us to develop the right language and questions and to run a pilot.


We then take that detail, develop a cracking user experience and the back end, and – if required – a data dashboard. Because one of the most fascinating things a profiler gives you is masses of data about the people you have in your organisation. Which you can then use to develop communications and experiences. We then work with you to plan communications, so it gets to the right people at the right time.

And then we enjoy all the stories of people completing your profiler and having a moment of delight as they recognise themselves in the output. Then we measure impact.

In 2018, Southwest Airlines saw a 20% reduction in customer complaints as reported by the US Department of Transportation. We believe Hospitality Heroes undoubtedly played a key role in this success by identifying the Hospitality personality types. The Heroes Programme has significantly helped Southwest Employees take ownership of the unique ways they make Customers and CoHearts feel welcomed, cared for and appreciated.

Steve GoldbergSVP Operations & Hospitality, Southwest Airlines