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Proposition Engineering™

Rethinking your business for customer-led growth

Create value for your business by transforming customer driven insights into new propositions fast.

Proposition Engineering workshops from The Team bring clients and experts together from multiple locations online or offline to develop new propositions, fast.

Irrespective of whether you are a start-up, scale-up or established company, at the heart of business success lies a relevant brand purpose and customer value proposition.

Businesses facing a ‘Re-Point’ need to define a fresh proposition fast. When they urgently need to Re-position, Re-structure, Re-productise, Re-brand or Re-imagine in response to market change, competition and innovation, clients need to be working side by side with brand experts.

Proposition Engineering™ offers an accelerated methodology designed to challenge existing modes of operational thinking in your business, and re-focus on creating customer or employee value and transform ideas into business actions for success.

Proposition Engineering™ workshops

Proposition Engineering is delivered through one or a combination of intensive workshops that enable businesses to face the challenges of change and break-out from traditional thinking. The process can be complete in one-week, so brands can be pro-active and adapt rapidly at their moment of ‘Re-Point’.

Online, our workshops use Zoom, MS Teams, Miro or Remesh platforms. We can adapt to use your platforms if required. We also have workshop space at our offices in Borough Market, London.

It’s a proven approach that plays a key role in transforming customer-driven insights into propositions, ideas and innovations that, by definition, generate more customer and brand led growth, value and loyalty.

The Team creative brand and communications agency_Proposition Engineering

Drawing on your expert knowledge and built around our flexible, efficient and incisive approach, you can:

  • Secure relevance Re-invent or Re-vive existing business and brand service propositions within a shifting or increasingly commoditised, price-driven market.

  • Drive differentiationArticulate compelling customer value propositions, and new product and service led thinking.

  • Create distinction and clarity – Re-organise complex or disjointed bundles of services, products or messages into simple, usable and relevant customer relevant propositions.

The output from the workshop(s) is a Proposition Engineering Blueprint that combines critical elements – strategies, propositions and approaches – into ideas and inventions that create value for success.

Proposition Engineering™ – workshop, preparation, facilitation and post workshop synthesis start at £30,000.

Get in touch and define a fresh formula for business growth.

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