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Employee Listening

Actionable insight that goes beyond surveys

Understand what your people think about your organisation and create a better employee experience to improve performance.

Our Employee Listening workshops help clients improve employee experience and drive a performance culture.

Surveys result in more questions than answers. Quality listening gets to the heart of the issues you need to address.

Today, businesses need empowered, focused, adaptable people who can thrive in a fast-changing, digital world.

By giving voice to people’s honest experience of an organisation, it becomes easier to work as partners with them in bringing organisation’s priorities and purpose to life.

Employee Listening workshops

Employee Listening explores the individual and collective understanding of the workplace, providing vital evidence to inform strategy and action around the business.

Listening sessions can be tailored or bought off-the-shelf and are facilitated to create a psychologically safe place for people to share their views and the way they make sense of the workplace.

Sessions investigate a range of key drivers:

  • What is contributing to disconnects between key areas of the business?

  • How can critical knowledge be effectively created, shared and used?

  • How can the organisation become more flexible to external influences and business context, challenges and developments?

  • How can we encourage learning and professional growth across the business?

Online, our workshops use Zoom, MS Teams, Miro or Remesh platforms. We can adapt to use your platforms if required. We also have workshop space at our offices in Borough Market, London.

We bring together groups of up to 10 employees at each time. These sessions are complimented with live surveys using Survey Monkey and Slido.

Our briefing template helps us understand the objectives of your listening programme and create a suitable schedule of focus groups and/or interviews quickly. 

We have an insight gathering approach that uses culture web theories, coaching techniques and positive psychology to uncover the experience your people have of the existing culture so that we can point to what must change.

Over 3-weeks we are able to engage with employees and help clients identify action plans. 

Employee Listening workshops start at £15,000.

Get in touch to find out more. 

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