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Creative Labs

Develop campaigns and prototypes
in five days

Explore the viability of new campaigns, products, features and services in a fast, cost-effective and intelligent way – we go from ideas to prototypes ready for market testing in just five days.

Creative Labs is a five-day process used to bring structure into creative thinking and answer business questions through design, prototyping and testing. It is suitable for customer or employee campaigns.

We bring key client stakeholders and customer insights together with members from different disciplines within The Team – branding, UX, strategy and design – to turn an idea into real examples that can be tested in just five days.

Creative Labs is broken down into five themed days each geared towards a specific goal.


Understand – We’ll unbox everything that matters. In other words, we’ll ask lots of questions to unlock what’s inside your head and explore different insights. We’ll define the desired outcome.
Diverge – We explore different ways of solving the problem by working individually as well as in teams to capture as many ideas as possible.
Decide – Through a series of proven exercises, we’ll shortlist the solutions and agree on what we want to refine and test. 
Design & Prototype – We’ll build out an interactive prototype or design creative concepts to best reflect the outcomes you want to hit. 
Test – We’ll put the campaign concept or prototype in front of users and gauge their reactions and interest. Through testing, we can then get some idea as to how close the design hypothesis is to achieving the desired goals.

Brands need to move from discovery to the launch of new campaigns, products and services, fast. The traditional approach of discovery, definition and design can take months – that’s time brands don’t have.

We have truncated that process from 3-months to one-week. Whether you need to launch an online product or service; or define, design and launch a campaign, today it is possible to do that much faster.

Customer loyalty is shortening and brands need to act fast to adapt to these changes. Iterations of existing products and services must reflect this change. Employees are consumers. They are becoming more demanding of the services they consume inside organisations.

Need to take your idea to the next stage, fast? Creative Labs.

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