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Behaving Economically

Workshops that use behavioural economics to transform
strategy & messaging

Understand the psychology of how people make decisions, to create effective behaviour-led campaigns and content.

In a half-day workshop we will build a communication framework to deliver the behaviour change you need. Perhaps you want to drive purchases or change buying patterns. Understanding behavioural economics can do just this.

In a world that is rapidly changing, people use irrational short-cuts and unconscious, in-built behaviours to make decisions. Understanding these, or why and how people make decisions, means we can work with or against them to craft communications that get the right result.

Using a workshop as our starting point, we explore the world of behavioural economics in relation to your brand, audiences and communication challenges.

The output of this goes on to provide a communications framework or toolkit including principles, creative guidance and potential messaging to deliver the audience behaviour change needed.

Our half day workshop will explore the following:

  • Understanding the role and effectiveness of behavioural economics

  • Reframing your challenge through a behavioural lens

  • Exploring your audience insight and touchpoints  

  • Understanding barriers and benefits to action

  • Using the EAST framework to develop nudge interventions and  messaging


Online, our workshops use Zoom, MS Teams, Miro or Remesh platforms. We can adapt to use your platforms if required. We also have workshop space at our offices in Borough Market, London.

Workshops start at £10,000.

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