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To get started on the road to better brand experiences we have a number of workshops.

Our workshops can happen anywhere. They are delivered offline and online, using Zoom, MS Teams, Miro or Remesh platforms.
We also use your platforms as required.

Delivered in 1 to 5 day periods, we can engage multiple stakeholders with multiple experts across multiple locations.

We also have workshop space at our offices in Borough Market, London.

Explore our workshops

Behavioural Economics

Understand the psychology of how people make decisions,
to create effective behaviour change strategy and content.

Proposition Engineering™

Create immediate value for your business by transforming customer
driven insights into new propositions.

Employee Listening

Understand what your people think about your organisation and
create a better employee experience to improve performance.

Creative Labs

Develop campaigns and prototypes in five days.

Listen to your customers and employees; understand behavioural economics and use these insights to develop new propositions fast.

Times change. Brands need to evolve fast, connecting with new customers and employees, and reconnecting with existing customers and employees in new ways.

We listen to your audiences; apply behavioural economics and use insights to develop new propositions, fast.

Brands that understand consumer and employee behaviour, and use insights to connect with customers, deliver relevant products and services and get results.

The same is true with their employees. Businesses need to understand how they can create a culture where their people can perform.

We have B2C and B2B customers who have dramatically increased sales, and HR customers who have refocused their employer brands to refocus their talent.

They have used our workshops to get started.