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Our People


We work in an open and collaborative way with our clients. Complementary skills and talents allow us to explore communications ideas in all forms, helping to bring brand experiences to life. At the heart of that, lies our people.

Our People
Aidan Brennan - Senior Designer

Aidan Brennan

I believe that the power of a creative solution is found in ideas, craftsmanship, and the ability to turn out beautifully thought-through design.

Our People
Ashley Gladwell - Marketing Manager

Ashley Gladwell

I thrive on problem solving and project management, helping to develop effective processes, platforms, products and campaigns on behalf of The Team.

Our People
Ciara Rollings - Business Lead

Ciara Rollings

I love to get under the skin of a business challenge and bring together the experts that can make a difference – my job is to keep everyone on track.

Our People
Clare Wilson - Creative Director

Clare Wilson

I bring clarity, inspiration and energy to designing better brand experiences for clients. My job is to challenge preconceptions and deliver great brand design.

Our People
Cliff Ettridge - DIRECTOR

Cliff Ettridge

My focus is on people inside organisations. I help clients deliver communications that bring business strategy to life.

Our People
Dave Recchia - Executive Creative Director

Dave Recchia

I thrive on bringing brilliant, multi-disciplinary and insightful ideas to life for our clients.

Our People
Elena Mosley - Programme Director

Elena Mosley

My focus is to help drive the successful delivery of every project bringing brilliant and passionate teams together to make things happen.

Our People
James Dix - Commercial Director

James Dix

I ensure that the way we work together is effective and sustainable for the long-term benefit of all involved.

Our People
Kardo Ayoub - Experience Design Director

Kardo Ayoub

I always strive for simple, clear and intuitive solutions that deliver on brand values and create the best possible experiences for customers and employees.

Our People
Kat Anastasiou - Senior Project Manager

Kat Anastasiou

I enjoy working across a diverse range of projects; variety means I can keep challenging myself. I am passionate about The Team’s motion offer and thrive on writing scripts and copy as much as project delivery.

Our People

Kevin MacKenzie

I’m driven by delivering creative thinking, ideas and results for our clients businesses and brands.

Our People
Peter McCreary - Head of Content

Peter McCreary

I help to deliver targeted communication, strategic advice and tactical day-to-day content to internal and external audiences via digital and print channels.

Our People
Ryan Miller - Senior Designer

Ryan Miller

I produce creative campaigns and identity solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Our People
Sally Tarbit - DIRECTOR

Sally Tarbit

My expertise is developing brilliantly effective brand campaigns that get results for our clients.

Our People
Simon Mannering - Senior Designer

Simon Mannering

I take a big picture approach to design, delivering systems, solutions and campaigns with a meticulous eye for detail.

Our People
Seamour Rathore - Consultant

Seamour Rathore

My aim is to bring together communication and brand strategies with behavioural science to help develop great organisations.

Our People
Steve Waker - Creative Services Director

Steve Waker

I encourage and enable an air of enthusiasm and togetherness, helping us to deliver key creative solutions.

Our People
Toby Mortelman - Consultant

Toby Mortelman

I am an experienced, effective Brand Marketing Leader who has worked with a number of FTSE 100 companies. I re-point brands and identify new propositions.

Our People
Tracy de l'Orme - Senior Project Manager

Tracy de l'Orme

I work with and lead teams to deliver projects. Conscientiousness, attention to detail and an ability to multi-task under pressure matter to me. I enjoy problem solving and the creative challenge.

Our Approach

Abandon assumptions

We enjoy digging. We do our research. We speak with advocates and cynics and bring the latter on board. We let conversations take us to the natural storytellers and get under the skin of the issue.

Discover the simple human truth

We pinpoint what angers, excites or stirs your audiences. Then we define brands, campaigns or creative that will attract attention and result in the right experience.

Create positive disruption

We like to make a little mischief. We work with you to understand the right level of positive disruption we can create for your brand. We get you noticed; we shift attitudes and change beliefs.

We bring your brand to life

We connect people, brand and strategy inside and out. We inspire your workforce to focus and create positive impact that is measurable and enduring. We create the experience that will ensure your audience will remember your brand – in fact, they’ll love it.