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EVP & Employer Brand

Great employer brands drive business performance

In 12 weeks understand the employee experience and employer brand that will attract and retain the right talent for you.

The right people do their best work when the workplace experience matches their needs.

As an employer, you need to know who are the right people to attract and then you need to know how to help them get the best from themselves.

By aligning employee experience with your business strategy and critical customer moments, you can create an employee value proposition that matters to employees and delivers for customers.

Our 4-step EVP & employer brand process

Across 12-weeks and using our 4-step process, we work with you to define the detail behind the employee experience that will enable your employees to do what they do best. Then we bring it to life.

Customer focus

We start by understanding the customer experience and the critical moments in their journey. We then understand where your employees show up and the connected experiences that matter.

Only then do we go to employees to hear from them about how their experience of your brand helps motivate them.

Promise development

We will articulate what employees can expect from you as an employer and what you expect in return. We will identify the employer brand promise – what you’ll be famous for delivering. And we will clarify the design principles that will influence all employee experiences.

Experience mapping

We use employee experience mapping to identify and prioritise the touchpoints and critical moments that will bring the employer brand and value proposition to life. These are the experiences that will nurture the right behaviours in employees.

Application and training

With you, we will develop tools like visual identity and tone of voice guidelines so that you can see what good looks like.

We will apply the principles of the employer brand to specific touchpoints so that it is clear what the employee experience should look and feel like. And we will train content creators and policy makers so they are excited about the potential of your employer brand and have practical guidance on how it can be used effectively.

Some of our work