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Prospect pipeline generation : You can teach an old dog new tricks:

I’ve worked in creative businesses for some time now. 28 years to be precise. I’ve seen people and trends come and go, digital come of age and more bottom lines than you can wave a stick at. It’s not been an easy ride in places, but it has been an enjoyable one – and one that I hope will continue for a few years to come. Yes, really, I’m not done yet! Infact, I think I’ve still got a lot to learn.

You can’t beat the personal and peripheral benefits of learning something new or seeing a fresh way to approach a familiar task. And that constant opportunity to improve is the gift of our industry. Improving, innovating and enhancing are all around us, actively encouraged – and vital to our continued success and relevance. Ultimately, what we recommend to our clients can only be as good as our own insight, experience and capability.

So when one of these opportunities crossed my path, I grabbed it. An invitation from our friends at Hubspot to join their 8 week prospect pipeline generation boot camp was the easiest decision of the year. The commitment was time and application – which was good value in relation to the benefits gained. I was equipped with a stress-tested, fresh and effective approach to sales (or should I say ‘being helpful’!). This not only benefits the agency, but is a gift of knowledge I can use to guide my clients who themselves need to generate an engaged and qualified pipeline of prospects for their sales team and business. A winner all round.

Anyone reading this think sales is a dirty word? Hate picking up the phone? Would love a warm and engaged pipeline of prospects?  Or doesn’t know where to start? Then why not give me a call (or send me an email at sallytarbit@theteam.co.uk if you don’t like the phone). You might just learn something new, however old you are.

LinkedIn Sally Tarbit 


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