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What makes Client Services work for clients?

Client Services. Our name does us no favours. Who wants to be ‘serviced’? It sounds like an added benefit or something that’s just nice to have, rather than an essential component of a brilliant client/agency relationship. And all too often, the role can be loaded with legacy behaviours or expectations that really don’t work for clients, especially as belts tighten and budgets are trimmed.

More than ever it’s essential the role of client services is clear, valuable and valued. Not just for clients but also for those in the role itself. This isn’t hard and, we believe, starts with some very simple behaviours.

  • Listen, to what your client is trying to say. Be it a brief or feedback. Don’t assume you know what the outcome will be, only hear what you want to hear, or try to get to a solution before you know the full story. Stay in the moment, be quiet, listen actively to their words – then stand a good chance of getting the solution right.
  • Understand, what it’s like to walk in your clients shoes. Many Teamsters have worked ‘on the other side’ in previous lives, and it gives you great empathy and understanding of the challenges your clients face on a daily basis. To us our clients are our world but conversely, we’re often a small (but obviously important!) part of their day as they battle stakeholder management, sales figures and staff retention, amongst many other things.
  • Deliver. Who wants a yes man or woman? No one. Don’t just agree because it’s what you think your clients want to hear or because you think it’ll keep them happy. If you want a trusting and respectful relationship, be honest and transparent, but above all always deliver what you say you’ll deliver.
  • Enhance. Don’t just service, think. Think of your clients, think ahead, think about what will add value or enhance the relationship, think what you could do differently to make it even better.

Welcome to Client Services at The Team!


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