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The Team is exactly what it says on the packet!

In my mid-20s I decided that the job I was in wasn’t for me and I needed to get out of it. Not really knowing exactly what I wanted to do, other than be involved in the creative industry and work with people, I was a tad lost. I heard about The Team through my cousin and applied for the internship. It has been one of the best things I have done!

I was offered the three-month internship within the Client Services department, experiencing both account management and project management. I had not heard of Client Services before and so while I was thrilled I was also extremely nervous. On my first day I was greeted by Tracy de l’Orme, Sally Tarbit and Elena Mosley – my nerves fell by tenfold as they made me feel welcome from the offset. I had a morning of introductions, and later I was shown a three-month programme of what to expect during my internship. The programme focused on my time in Client Services but also allowed me time to sit with people from other departments including Design, Digital, Production and Marketing. This allowed me to see how The Team works as a whole, and the role Client Services play in the creative process.

Almost immediately I felt involved. I was paired with a great mentor – Tracy de l’Orme. As my main point of contact she ensured we had a weekly catch-up to make sure I was happy with the work I had been given and was always there if I had any questions. I worked alongside various account managers, and was given responsibility on a number of different tasks- working on databases and the website refresh, helping with agendas, proposals and estimates – an invaluable insight and learning experience.

Part-way through my internship I switched to the project management side of Client Services. Understanding how they work closely with account management and the whole creative team to make things happen. During my time in project management I have continuously learnt new, diverse skills that combined with what I learnt in account management will greatly benefit me.

Interning with The Team has been priceless. I could never have imagined how much I would learn, and take away with me in such a small window of time. I feel the programme has prepared me so I can happily and confidently move forward in this new career within Client Services. This has ultimately been down to the great mentors I have had and the commitment that each and every person has given me as a ‘question-asking intern’.

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