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The Team develops RESILIA™ brand identity

Commercially sensitive data and information is fundamental to business innovation and a precious and prized off balance sheet asset to any organization. It is also valued by a range of adversaries, and with the emergence and rapid development of a globally networked information environment, it is has never been easier for unscrupulous hackers to target, attack and potentially infiltrate and corrupt the information assets of businesses.


To address the challenges of this ever-changing digital risk landscape, AXELOS Global Best Practice , a joint venture between UK Government and Capita plc, has developed, a best practice portfolio of publications, training and awareness tools designed to help any organization define what good cyber resilience looks like and embed best practice into existing management systems.. The new portfolio will help provide organizations with the confidence they need to recognize, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks effectively.

Requiring a name and communication strategy for the portfolio, AXELOS approached The Team.

The brand name needed to be something which was based on protection but also have an energy and business not technology focus which demonstrated a system which was ‘always on’ and which was seen as distinct from the crowded cyber technology products market.

Working with AXELOS, The Team developed the name RESILIA; a strong brand name which validates how the portfolio empowers people in organizations to have the awareness, knowledge, tools, learning and intelligence to be able to act, react and adapt to cyber risks.

Kevin MacKenzie, MD of The Team said,

“It was great working with AXELOS. We had a close working relationship with senior leadership in the business and collaborated very closely with them to develop an effective name to help communicate the intent of the new portfolio and help them define their positioning, moving forward into a strong brand platform for international growth”

Nick Wilding of AXELOS added:

“We enjoyed working with The Team. They quickly understood the nature of our challenge and requirements and demonstrated a highly effective blend of creative thinking, urgency and pragmatism in developing a compelling solution for us”

RESILIA, the new AXELOS Cyber Resilience Best Practice portfolio, launches this month.

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