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The Team collaborate with Scope and Nottingham Trent Uni on live social purpose brief

Scope’s ambition of becoming the UK’s leading disability charity to achieve everyday equality for all 13 million disabled people has recently inspired the design students at Nottingham Trent University.

We enlisted the students to take part by fulfilling a creative brief set by both Scope and The Team. Overall, the brief set out to champion brands with Purpose, nurture and attract talent and continue to support efforts in achieving disability equality around the UK.

The brief asked the students to help Scope positively disrupt their market to stand-out and inspire new supporters to join them to achieve equality for every disabled person. A daunting task, the students took on the challenge and set off.

Over the course of five weeks the students designed solutions which addressed the social model of disability through product design, visual identity design, campaign identity and activation including experiential. The designs of the finalists were presented to a panel, which included The Team’s Strategy Director Dan Dufour and Designer Jon Quinnell as well as Scope’s Guy Chaudior, Hannah Redmond and Warren Kirwan.

The first product design incorporated a proposed collaboration between Scope and a professional networking site. With the purpose of making job hunting a friendlier process for disabled people, the design addressed accessibility issues.  Praised for filling a “social need”, the app was designed with great consideration for the target audience – a consideration that often gets overlooked in brand partnerships.

The second design was a collaboration between three designers who took on the challenge of a brand refresh in addition to a campaign. Their aim was to reposition Scope as a social change charity, increasing the public’s understanding of disability through public installations that encouraged people to experience the challenges regularly faced by the disabled.

Utilising effective digital touchpoints, the design was commended for being “social media friendly” and “trendy” which allowed it to cut-through normal and tired charity sector discourse. The new bright blue and yellow colour scheme and bracket moderinised Scope’s visual identity.

At the end of the session, the panel commended the designers’ ability to address complex social issues by maintaining consciousness of their target audience through their development of a brand identity, advertising campaign, product and corporate partnerships.

Scope’s Hannah Redmond said “We’ve all loved being part of the project and seeing the students so engaged in the work. We all left feeling so impressed and inspired!”

Dan Dufour added, “The Team believes in championing brand purpose, and design for social change, across sectors, so we’ve been delighted to collaborate with Scope and nurture new talent together with Nottingham Trent University. The work has been an inspiration to us all.”

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