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The Return on Investment (ROI) of intern programmes

At The Team we appreciate the value of an intern programme because it challenges our thinking in brand, digital, marketing and client services. Interns keep us on top of our game.


I only have to look around our lovely office, here at The Team, to see the true value of an intern programme. We are lucky enough to have four designers with us, one specialising in digital, who came through our intern programme and are now permanent members of our team.  Their cultural fit, on top of their indisputable and relevant design skills, meant we couldn’t bear to part with them when the end of the placement was looming.

For all the interns who have joined us for a short-term placement, the general level of energy, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn has been a pleasure to see. Our most recent intern-turned-permanent designer, Jon Quinnell, succinctly says that “you need to prove yourself and show you’re worth it”. He certainly did and we’re very pleased to have him!

You can’t put a financial value on an intern programme. While we pay a wage to our interns, the benefits aren’t measured in figures. Can you tally up the value of vigour and vitality? Can you calculate the passion to learn; the hunger to succeed; or the desire to give the best of themselves at all times? Can you tot up the savings in exposing an intern to a working environment and industry for them to sense-check if it’s really for them?

And what about all that we learn from the interns themselves? The training and mentorship skills; seeing things in a new light through fresh eyes; new approaches and new ways of working; and the teamwork and collaboration behind the development and roll-out of the programme itself.  An intern programme should be comprehensive, supportive and illuminating (on both sides).

The success of our brand design, digital, and marketing intern programmes has spurred us on to kick-start a programme within our Client Services department. One of our first Client Services interns, Rosie Schumacher, was kind enough to declare that “due to the wonderful people at The Team, I am continuously learning invaluable skills”.

So there we are – from the horse’s mouth as they say. For Rosie, her learning experience at The Team was a priceless experience. For Jon, and our other permanent designers, the programme has delivered exactly what it should – entry into the industry and ultimately a full-time role. I can’t see any better return on investment than that.


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