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The Resilience Quotient: Changing things for the better

It’s nearly Friday. Thank goodness! The end of a working week and you can feel the increasing buzz of excitement as everyone counts down the hours, minutes and seconds to the time at which you can shrug off work-you, and become you-you.

Fridays often see us thinking, ‘wow – it’s been a tough week’. Perhaps it feels like it’s been a tough month, or even a tough year. I’ve definitely felt a bit of that myself for 2017 so far.

And it’s that much harder to push on through when our lives are impacted by so much uncertainty. Politically, environmentally, economically, we are struggling to know where we’re at and what the future might hold. It makes us anxious when so much seems to be out of our control: Worldwide events; Is the pound going to drop any further in value? Is my son going to have a school place when September comes?

So how do we make sure we continue to ‘push on through’? We use our resilience.

The ‘resilience quotient (RQ)’ is the measure of our resilience. Resilience being the ability to bounce back from whatever life throws at you, and it’s an important attribute for a person’s success; personal and professional. Don’t worry if you think you’re lacking in the RQ front – it can be learnt.

What it means is that you don’t just bury your head in the sand. Because then you might get left behind. Or you might miss something amazing. And you certainly won’t have a sense of direction on where you want to get to, which is an essential coping strategy in these times. This is really the same whether you’re talking about a person, or an organisation.

Communication is also key. As is taking personal responsibility; being open and adaptable; and having a positive and active approach to problem solving.

My best advice in these uncertain times? Get yourself out for a walk or a swim because exercising helps calm anxiety, then fill up your glass so it’s half-full (remember optimism is essential in tough times), and open your mind – because if you do, you may just find yourself in a happier place the next time Monday comes around.

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