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The important role your report and accounts plays in your brand strategy

I was pleased to see that our Top Tips for better corporate communications post has seen a very healthy number of hits. Proof of the appetite for effective corporate communications.

It’s also good to see that an annual report is not a box-ticking exercise, something they have to do for Companies House, it truly is a showcase for shareholders, analysts and the market in general. The value they place on their report and accounts as an integral part of their brand and communication strategy. For us it was a great opportunity to stretch and test the guidelines and create a tactile and tangible product of real value.

Three of our major clients have undertaken a brand refresh this year. One used the monthly magazine we produce for them to announce and inform its audience of progress and development, but the other two both chose their annual report and accounts to showcase the new brand in the first instance.

I was really pleased to see the interest and care taken by the client, from the CEO to the Financial Controller, regarding each image, each page, the colour palette, fonts, each graph and even, well almost, each word. Everyone was energised by the project and took great pride in aligning the work to the brand guidelines and, more importantly, the principles and proposition.

But their brand is more than a logo and a set of colours and fonts: it’s the way their business sounds and the way they describe and position their business. Their annual report allows them to report on their brand’s strength. Reinforce their brand by ensuring there is a consistent tone of voice from start to finish. Even if it has been written by different people (as they often are), it should read as if it has come from the same pen –  employ a good editor.

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