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The Future of History

The unique marriage between history and technology is reuniting, liberating, and protecting the world’s past for people to enjoy now and well into the future.

Technology has been essential in preserving the world’s culture and as it innovates, museums, trusts, and other organisations are utilising these methods in an effort to conserve and manage it.  Outside of academia and institutions, companies are saving and reconstructing history via games, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences.

The challenge now is remembering that these reconstructions and our knowledge of the past will always be imperfect, wrought with gaps and blind spots.  Technological innovation doesn’t make data and information accessible forever as programmes that are able to read old data are phased out.

Preserving both the world’s history and our current digital lives requires continued review and modification of technology for this marriage to be successful.

In this specially written paper, Jamie Stanton, The Team’s Senior UX Architect, discusses the preservation of the past and the preparation for the future of history.


The Future of History Whitepaper PDF

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