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How to Outsmart the Digital Deluge

Last week, The Team hosted the first of its Team Talk Presents events; a series of talks by inspirational thought leaders, with networking.

Dave Coplin

Thursday’s Team Talk ‘The Rise of the Humans: How to Outsmart the Digital Deluge’ was given by Microsoft’s Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin.

You can watch a video of the presentation on The Team vimeo channel here – https://vimeo.com/126917221


Team Talk


Dave, an established thought leader on the role of technology in our personal and professional lives, has worked across a wide range of industries and customers, providing strategic advice and guidance around the intersection of a modern society and technology both inside and outside of the world of work.

The rapid growth of internet-connected devices has brought huge advantages, however, the same technology has also disconnected us. We are drowning in a digital deluge where the haze of information and devices vie for our attention and remove us from the real world.

Dave’s Team Talk explored how the rapidly rising volume of information is affecting all aspects of our lives and how we should be using technology to reimagine how we live, work and do business.

Team Talk presents

Clients and new contacts joined Team members at the breakfast seminar at London’s Soho Hotel. It was a full house in Screen 2, as MD Kevin MacKenzie introduced Dave, who then took us through a very entertaining and insightful talk.

Feedback from the event has been brilliant, with guests telling us they started sharing the insight they had learnt immediately with their work colleagues .

Team Talk

Plans are already underway for the next Team Talk event. If you would like to be included on the guest list of future events email: hello@theteam.co.uk

For more on ‘The Rise of the Humans’, check out Dave’s latest book.

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