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TeamTalk: ‘How good is your brand purpose?’

On 5 September, The Team hosted a panel session and debate asking why brand purpose matters in business today. Designed to help brands see the value in having a wider positive social impact, and surpass profit as the ultimate goal.  We invited along a selection of panelists from different industries, to cull their valuable knowledge, experiences, and opinions and to show that brand purpose is no longer consigned to charities and government to solve the world’s problems.  Business must also join in to make a difference, and in doing so, adopt a brand purpose that aligns with its mission statement and beliefs.

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We took on the challenge of writing a book on “How good is your brand purpose?”, centering on developing a purpose beyond profit in a sector traditionally focused solely on profit.  We followed it up by collating the content generated during the panel and ambitiously published it within the set 48-hour time limit.

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Representing a variety of industries, panelists from Cancer Research UK, Ecover, The Big Lottery Fund, and CharityComms joined The Team’s Director of Brand Strategy, Dan Dufour for a discussion and Q&A on the merits of pursuing a triple bottom line – prioritizing social, and environmental along with economic outcomes.  The book highlights a theme of transformation—brand purpose has the ability to clarify and elevate business, distinguish itself in a crowded marketplace and support its mission and beliefs, along with generating profit. The book reiterates the point that brands with purpose are going mainstream because they have been proven to accelerate growth; combining business objectives with a positive social impact.

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For more information on The Team’s brand purpose offer or the book, please contact DanDufour@theteam.co.uk


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