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Stop. Don’t buy that 4K SMART TV…yet

Ultra HD Premium with Onions, Cheese & a side of Quantum Technology please.

How gutted would you be if you where an early adopter of a 4k Ultra HD television?

Turns out that some early 4k screens (which where super expensive) didn’t actually support the agreed 4k standard. And now there’s another standard. Ultra HD Premium. What!?

So we’ve gone from 720HD, to 1080i HD, to 1080p HD, to Ultra HD and now Ultra HD Premium. Next could be Ultra Ultra HD Premium 3D Bendy Curvy TV’s – that would be 8k televisions showing 4k 3D.

The new agreed format delivers HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures. Basically for non-techs that means the picture has more contrast and the colours are closer to what your eye sees – in real life – not on a tv, but on a tv.

“The combination of having the extra levels of contrast between white & black and the increased range of colours really does take TV to next level,” commented David Mercer from the research firm Strategy Analytics.
My mind is continually blown away by technology, especially phones and TVs but anyone I talk to, the same story keeps coming up. I’m not upgrading my TV until the old one breaks (that includes some people who still use CRT here) or I only just bought an expensive 1080p HD SMART TV, so why do I want this?

  • Plasma – dead
  • LCD – dying
  • OLED – expensive
  • Quantum Dots – the next big little thing?

The TV technology is still developing really really fast. I work on 1080,4k & 6k video & animation production here at The Team and have 2 x lovely 4k monitors. Up close as I work, they look gorgeous, but scoot away to another desk and you can’t tell the difference if one is running at 4k Ultra HD and the other at 1080 HD. It does however offer me much more flexibility when editing video down from 6k to 1080!

Yes, the 4k picture is better quality, but like most people at home, I’m going to wait until my trusty super thick 1080i Plasma screen gives up the ghost before I splash out. I’ll probably use this useful 4k tool which can show you that 4K may be a waste of time for you at the moment.

The question of what can you watch on it has finally been solved as a standard for Ultra HD Blu-ray has just been set. Hooray, a standard. Bad luck if you’ve bought a 4K Blu-ray player and discs already as they may not work in the new standard.

So before you rush to John Lewis to buy out your next TV before the old one has died, it could be worth checking that your new SMART TV has plenty of industry standards included and will actually look better from your sofa, and won’t end up being a DUMB TV faster than you can say ‘8k 120Hz 3D Quantum Dot  SMART Roll Up TV’.

However, do bear in mind that it looks like the new Quantum Dot Technology along side HDR video will deliver a better picture quality in an average room even if you are further than 3 feet away, when it arrives.

p.s. HDMI is going to die out at some point soon. USB 2.0a is coming soon but I’m not going to talk about how that’s going to make all your old cables & connections obsolete again (remember SCART?).

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