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Saying “Thank you!”

Lady clapping

Projects like Freedom from Torture’s Thank You video can be rare. Working on the film showed me the difference it can make to be part of a team that are excited about an idea and want to make something great. We were given a deliciously clean-sheet of a brief from a wonderful charity and a green light to get the project running by the higher-powers (the smart ones at the other end of the office).

With this nod of approval, we needed to bring the right team together that could come up with a winning idea and bring that idea to life, while fitting it around other projects and commitments they had. Our first brainstorm was a voluntary lunchtime session in a (thankfully) crowded room. We thought about different ways people can say thank you. We shook hands, hugged, danced, rubbed noses, gave each other flowers and eventually landed on one that is truly universal.

We arrived at the idea of clapping, which, after making reluctant designers and account managers at The Team clap at the camera to help develop the concept, took us on a tour of Freedom from Torture centres in London and Manchester. We met wonderful people, all involved in the charity in many different ways; volunteers, fundraisers, music and art teachers, therapeutic gardeners, lawyers, doctors and survivors of torture. Showing the first cut to a music group in Manchester was a memorable moment that built a pearly bridge between our clients ears (and the same for our creative lead).

The outcome is a film filled with genuine emotion, that has been handled with genuine care, and, hopefully, delivers the genuine thanks Freedom from Torture can’t give their supporters enough of.

Have a look at Freedom From Torture’s Thank You film here.

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