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Part 2: Employee engagement begins at home

In conjunction with our Christmas card and its theme of giving, The Team undertook ’12 days of fundraising’ in the lead up to Christmas for Make-A-Wish foundation, a heart-warming charity that grants wishes to children with life threatening conditions.

Employees playing a game of foosball

It all began one crisp and festive morning when a group of Teamsters sat down over a cup of coffee and came up with 12 days of fundraising that were themed around a different idea, event or activity ensuring that there was something that appealed to everyone to get involved in the company fundraising efforts.

From donating coffee money for the day, to a table football tournament and a cake sale courtesy of our in-house baking club, we set ourselves a target of £1000- a fairly tall order during the Christmas season when purse strings tighten as the 25th approaches. So to help us reach this goal The Team management agreed to match every £1 raised.

Before fundraising commenced we had to create an internal buzz ensuring Teamsters were inspired and revved up to raise funds. We did this with signage throughout the office. A ’12 days of fundraising’ advent calendar featuring cryptic clues to intrigue people about what to expect on each day and numerous email communications. The recruiting of 12 volunteers ensured that each day was managed and championed.

By day one there was heaps of enthusiasm in the office with everyone on board in some capacity. By the 12th day we had not only surpassed our target but doubled it, raising well over £2000.

Highlights included the drag race which saw some of the men in the office run from Park Street down to Hungerford Bridge and back dressed as women. This not only entertained colleagues who celebrated their achievement at the finish line, but the onlookers of Borough Market.

Another was the original poster sale, which saw our interns put their artistic skills to the test by creating some original poster designs, selling more than 25 prints internally (and to rival agencies).

In addition to raising money for this great cause, the 12 days of fundraising created a real sense of team spirit and community within the office with different departments intermixing and collaborating where work projects don’t always allow. People expressed a real joy for coming to work during this period and looked forward to what the day would bring.

Everyone’s generosity shone through not only in their donations, but in their participation to make each day memorable. In fact it has triggered a newly invigorated enthusiasm towards CSR projects and charity work. In a couple of weeks we are holding a swap shop where people can bring in unwanted items from home such as clothing and DVD’s and swap them with others. Any leftover items will then be donated to a local charity shop.

The theme of giving was certainly encapsulated in our ’12 days of fundraising’ and we look forward to continuing this spirit in 2014.

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