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Our Digital Future: Connect with it, wear it, beware of it.

The challenge for communicators is to be aware of how big data can affect the lives of customers and employees positively. The challenge is to think in a big data mindset. Think that way, and solutions will follow, and competitive edge for your brand is delivered.

A new digital world surrounds us. Every day it continues to offer us new ways of working; new ways of buying; new ways of playing.

The world of communication has and is being turned on its head. We are entering uncharted waters and shifting to a world where the concept of many-to-many communication is now a reality.

In this white paper, The Team’s Cliff Ettridge, Director of Employee Engagement, looks at three areas:

  • Connecting people,
  • Wearable technology at home and at work,
  • Big data at work and at home.

He asks what this means for us as consumers and employees, and what it means for those of us trying to reach them.


Our Digital Future White Paper PDF

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