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Now that’s what we call a great brand!

How do you create a great brand? Consistency, clarity, having a clear purpose and knowing your audience. With that in mind, happy birthday ‘Now that’s what I call Music!’

I remember my first NOW! album. It was the first one. Yep, I’m that old. NOW! Music. It’s a bit like the National Trust of pop – launched in 1983, with over 100 million albums sold and a fond place in all our teenage hearts.

But with the increase in streamed music can this pop institution compete against the likes of Skype, iTunes and Amazon?

The truth is they have one key advantage: while iTunes is a program, Skype always on and Amazon a warehouse, NOW! Music is a brand, and it’s an authority.

It’s also a brand with a fan base who, after religiously picking up their double CD once a quarter, aren’t all comfortable with the ins and outs of downloading music.

Back in 2011, The Team worked with NOW! to look at ways in which it could capitalise on digital. The site has come a long way since then. Instead of competing with Apple on scale and complexity, we turned www.nowmusic.com into somewhere playful and fun in keeping with the brand. A place where their less-technical followers could learn how to download music. And above all, a place where people could go for what NOW! Music has always been loved for – brash, loud sing-it-to-your-hairbrush compilations.

And why will this brand survive? Because in this world where there is so much choice, people value careful curation. It’s why brands like The Week are successful, streamlining the best content.

In a world where there is too much choice, we seek help. Even Tesco recognised this in 2015 and slashed the choice available to both help consumers and drive sales.

Happy birthday ‘Now that’s what I call Music!’

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